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*Jeff S."
“Had these guys come out and do our property, and I am telling you if you have a lot of mosquitos, this will allow you to enjoy being outside again. Night and day difference. Showed up on the day they said they would, can’t recommend them enough.”

Joyce N.
“Of more concern than mosquitoes are ticks and the lifelong consequences of a tick bite. What I like most is the peace of mind that this service provides. There are no guarantees against disease, yet at least I am taking preventive measures. Your service is reliable. I never have to wonder if you will be at my home.”

Judy H
“I especially like that this is a service-oriented business with a staff that is committed to the best possible service. I feel comfortable knowing that any questions or concerns are addressed immediately.”

Sally N.
“You called before you sprayed like I asked. My pool was not affected negatively by your chemicals. I haven’t felt any mosquitos since you sprayed.”

Carole N.
“I called Mosquito Squad because I was picking 1-2 ticks off of my dogs when they came into the house from their potty trips outside. Then, my son and I each picked a tick off of our neck a while sitting in our living room. Clearly, they were using our dogs as a taxi, as their flea and tick medicine doesn’t kill until the tick bites them. Since Mosquito Squad has sprayed my property (about a half acre total) I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE SINGLE TICK!! I am very, very happy with their service and I heartily recommend them!”

Cindy M
“No more ladybugs or mosquitoes! Thank you, Mosquito Squad!”

Mary F.
“It really worked!!! I have been working in our yard, digging up sod to expand my flower garden. I was so eaten up by gnats I had to go in to Urgent Care. My face was swollen and my ear hurt so bad I had to sleep, when I could, with an ice pack on my neck and cheek. When I went into UC the Dr. said he had never seen anything like it. I had so many bites on the inside of my ear it was no wonder I was in so much pain. Got 3 prescriptions to take care of it!!! Waited one week and went out again and didn’t have a single bite, didn’t even see a gnat. The grandkids can play outside again and not get eaten alive!!! Thank you so much for giving me my yard back again!!! Keep up the great work!!”

Sam Z
“Fair and quick”

Sheryl N.
“It seems to have reduced our mosquitos by at least 90%.”

Michelle H.
“It works! Your product allows us to enjoy our pool and hot tub in the summer in the woods! We also see baby birds and butterflies that your product doesn’t seem to bother, but no mosquitoes or spiders! Thank you!”

Amber C.
“Fantastic communication and scheduling. Very flexible with our service needs and payment options.”

Joyce N.
“Of more concern than mosquitoes are ticks and the lifelong consequences of a tick bite. What I like most is the peace of mind that this service provides. There are no guarantees against disease, yet at least I am taking preventive measures. Your service is reliable. I never have to wonder if you will be at my home.”

Sandy W.
“The pre-notifications and emails when you have finished the work. The fact that you will come back to spray if it doesn’t work. The fact that you offer a full season discount.”

Lisa N.
“We like to spend a lot of time outdoors. With the mosquito population in our area, we would either have to constantly wear repellent or get eaten alive! Since we started using the Mosquito Squad, we rarely need to worry about repellent, citronella candles, etc.”

Karen M
“Short answer is …I can play outside without being eaten by mosquitoes. My natural setting with all kinds of birds and honeybees and other wildlife are not affected/effected by the spray.

For that reason AND..we have never contracted with a service provider that has EVER given us such a high consistent level of customer service.

Thankful for you all!!!"

Kathy D
“The customer service is very good and responsive. Also the techs are quick and very willing to answer your questions. Thanks!”

Craig G
“Did a great job.”

Jennifer R.
“The services work wonders! Staff has been great from the start.”

Jeremy H
“I can’t believe how well the application work. I live on 10 acres but area around house sprayed. Without the squad my daughter wouldn’t be able to go outside. I will never be without Mousquito Squad plus great communication.”

Kaylee G
“They get rid of all the bugs. Love this place soo much!”

Herman D
“We are amazed about how well your secret potion works. We live in the country surrounded by woods. Before we could never go outside to enjoy the nice weather because mosquitoes were so bad. We would have to run from the house to car when leaving. Omg, when you would pull into the driveway you could see them swarming our vehicle and we would have to make a mad dash to the house Well that was then, now it is incredible we can finally sit out on the deck, work around the yard and enjoy ourselves. Thank you Elizabeth ”

Amber S
“We had mosquitos so bad before that we couldn’t even walk outside without getting bitten all over! After we bit the bullet and called the mosquito squad our mosquito problem nearly vanished!! And anytime we saw an uptick in mosquitos between sprays, they came out and sprayed again! Love it! The management is super friendly and easy going! Wonderful experience!! ”

Elisa D

Kati M
“Mosquito Squad associates are always proffessional and thorough. We would not want to go through the summer without their service.”

Vicky L
“Any time I have a question or we need an extra “boost” for the mosquitos, Robin is always helpful, responsive and has always gotten things taken care of until we are satisfied!"

Phil C
“This company is a must if you enjoy being outdoors bug free!!”

Marcia H
“Spring & Summer of 2016, I experienced exactly ONE mosquito in my yard. Amen! Thanks for all you do. Marcia”

Sandra B
“Best summer ever!”

David T
“The Mosquito Squad family is very professional and friendly. They are ready to answer any questions that I may have. Their product is excellent. I have and will continue to recommend Mosquito Squad to friends and family.”

Jermey H
“With out mosquito squad my daughter couldn’t play outside”

Amy L
“We live by the woods and we have an fire pit. with Mosquito Squad we can sit and enjoy our back yard with out slapping at Mosquito’s all night.”

Craig H
“You took our backyard from unusable to enjoyable! Your service is amazing!”

Elaine R
“wouldn’t hesitate as we were so pleased and looking forward to another mosquito free yard!! Hurrah”

George H
“with mosquito squad we are finally able to enjoy being outside during the summer and fall months. My grandchildren are able to play outdoors with being bitten up with mosquito bites and I can not worry about west nile or the new virus causing birth defects.”

Donna C
“I like the fact that the spraying works. Last summer for the first time, my husband did not suffer from mosquito bites.”

“We can enjoy our grounds all season long!”

Neal M
“Very Professional Service, highly effective and not cost prohibitive.”

Barb H.
“It does work great and safe for my animals and kids….wish I would have known about the service sooner….LOVE it….will start earlier next year…..Sit outside in the evening and no bugs….Sons graduation open house was 2 weeks after the first spray and no bugs.”

Dawn V.
“Your product works. We never have problems with mosquitoes, even when other people are complaining about how bad they are. Staff is always very prompt and friendly. We will continue to use Mosquito Squad every season!”

Joyce W.
“Very pleased with the service and the product. With the potential disease spread by mosquitos and ticks I feel safer in my own yard. Highly recommend you give it a try.”

Wayne & Tina W.
“Our backyard backs up to a wetland spring fed pond. Last year we used Mosquito Squads packaged deal. After the first two applications we noticed positive results. Walking down to the pond is more enjoyable. The area around the house is Mosquito free we signed up for another seasonal package!”

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