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Mosquito Squad is here to debunk some mosquito control myths.

Mosquito Wristbands
Beyond making a poor fashion statement, mosquito repellent bracelets and wristbands may be fine for a small person, but it would take 10,000 of them to cover your yard to try to protect your home. And that’s plain silly. Save yourself the fshion faux pas.

Mosquito Coils
Mosquito coils are intended to keep mosquitoes away for a short period of time in a small area-but don’t inhale the smoke they emit. The package says that prolonged exposure could lead to some very serous issues..If you really want to keep mosquitoes away, Call The Squad.

Mosquito Zapper Rackets
If you’re looking to play tennis or badminton, a mosquito zapper racket may be a good way to start learning, but it’s one ridiculous way to try and fight mosquitoes.

Citronella Candles and Torches
Let’s say you’re about to have a nice meal with a loved one outdoors. What do you do to keep the bites away? Not a citronella candle as it can aggravate asthmatic tendencies. To get rid of mosquitoes and protect your squad, Call America’s favorite squad, Mosquito Squad Lakeshore. The one and only original mosquito eliminator.

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