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Why Choose Mosquito Squad? Let Our Customers Tell You.

Jeff S. Zeeland
“Had these guys come out and do our property, and I am telling you if you have a lot of mosquitos, this will allow you to enjoy being outside again. Night and day difference. Showed up on the day they said they would, can’t recommend them enough.”

Joyce N. Holland
“Of more concern than mosquitoes are ticks and the lifelong consequences of a tick bite. What I like most is the peace of mind that this service provides. There are no guarantees against disease, yet at least I am taking preventive measures. Your service is reliable. I never have to wonder if you will be at my home.”

James McDowall Holland
“Haven’t seen a mosquito in four years!!! Unbelievable!!”

Kyle H. Dorr
“My name is Kyle, I live out in Dorr surounded by trees and mosquitoes. I finally had enough and called Mosquito Squad of West Michigan. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to start enjoying my time grilling outside and playing in the yard again without getting bit by hundreds mosquitoes! Calling these guys is the best way to take back the area’s aroumd your house from those mosquitoes!! I will call them back every year to continue their services!! They also call before they come and are on time and the products are pet safe for my two dogs! Just a great all around company to work with!!!”

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